BP talks on security of pipelines running from Azerbaijan to Europe


Safety of the pipeline is firstly assured by the design of the pipeline,Trend reports citing BP Azerbaijan’s communications manager Tamam Bayatly.

She made the remarks in an interview with John Batchelor Show, a famous American radio program that has a wide audience of listeners.

“Safety and security is very important to our business. Safety of the pipeline is firstly assured by the design of the pipeline. We have detectors, we have the most modern sensors, designed and built in the pipeline. If there is an even smallest leak in any part of the pipeline throughout Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, 1,768 kilometers [Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan], the operators in our control room will detect immediately and will be able to contain that leak closing the valves on both sides of the leaking area. So this is in the design of the pipeline,” she said.

Senior government affairs adviser at BP Guivami Rahimli, for his part, noted that BP has host government agreements with the countries where it operates.

BP has a contract with Azerbaijan and they are looking for the pipeline’s security, in Georgia it is the responsibility of the Georgian government and in Turkey it is the responsibility of the Turkish government, added Rahimli.

The total length of the BTC pipeline is 1,768 kilometers, 443 kilometers of which passes through Azerbaijan, 249 through Georgia and 1,076 through Turkey. Construction of the pipeline was commenced in April 2003, and the pipeline was filled with oil on May 18, 2005.