Water level rises in Iran’s Lake Urmia


The volume of water in Lake Urmia, located between Iran’s East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan provinces, has increased by 560 million cubic meters, Farhad Sarkhosh, head of West Azerbaijan’s Lake Urmia Restoration Committee, told ISNA, Trend reports.

Sarkhosh said that the water surface area in Lake Urmia is 2,402 square kilometers, adding that water levels increased by 25 centimeters this year (started March 21, 2018) compared to the same period last year.

He stated that the current volume of water in Lake Urmia stands at 2,25 billion cubic meters, whereas last year it made up 1.69 billion cubic meters.

Water transportation projects in Lake Urmia have not been put into operation yet.

“Next year (begins March 21, 2019) several projects on water transportation to Lake Urmia will be put into operation,” he said.