Carbamide plant’s contractor completes 95% of mechanical-installation works


    “Procon” LLC (subsidiary of “Nobel Oil Services” company engaged in construction and project management) has carried out 95% of the mechanical-installation works within the framework of the construction of the SOCAR‘s carbamide plant in Sumgayit.

    Report was informed in the “Nobel Oil Services”, company has carried out 99% of the assembly and installation works of metal and steel structures and 100 % of the concrete works.

    The chief contractor on the project’s general construction works “Procon” LLC operates together with “Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd” Company, contractor on engineering-programming, purchase/equipment and construction. Within the framework of the project, approximately 2,500-3,500 people specialized in various fields have been involved in the work.

    Within the project, “Procon” LLC renders concrete, construction, pipe-laying, assembly and installation of metal and steel structures, electrical equipment and control and measuring devices, painting, insulation and other services.

    The mechanical works at the carbamide plant will be completed in December; the plant will be handed over to SOCAR in the second quarter of next year.

    The agreement on design, purchase and construction of the carbamide plant was signed between SOCAR and “Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.” (South Korea) on March 13, 2013. Within the framework of the agreement, “Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.” will conduct all the necessary tests after the completion of the plant\s construction and hand over the enterprise to SOCAR.

    The plant will consist of ammonia, liquid and granular carbamide production units. It will be able to manufacture 2, 000 tons of carbamide and 1, 200 tons of ammonia per day.