Iran launches military training in the Caspian Sea


    Military exercises of the Iranian Navy, code-named “Strength and sustainable security 96”, were launched in the Caspian Sea,

    Report informs citing the Iranian media.

    Commander of the Northern Fleet and the Navy’s 4th Zone, Captain Ahmadreza Bagheri said that the large-scale exercises are conducted in five stages, the first of which took place in spring.

    “The first stage was held in March. The fifth and final stage of the exercises will be held in August 2017 and will cover more than 88 thousand square meters of area in the Caspian Sea” , Ahmadreza Bagheri said.

    During the exercise, it is planned to use new equipment and weapons, including rocket-space systems of the shore-sea class, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, submarine swimmers and commando teams.