Shipping company established a new department



    Press release of Press Service of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” Closed Joint-Stock Company
    Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company created Department of Project Management. The new structure will perform such important functions as enhancing the economic rationality and efficiency of agent services of vessels, port services, seabed dredging and measurement services, diving, offshore (anchor operations, towing, supply and crane vessel services) and ship repair services provided by structures of Shipping company or its related divisions, bringing their activities in line with international standards, improving and coordinating commercial work, participating in new projects.

    The Department will also carry out all necessary measures to participate in projects, research and analyze service markets, negotiate with potential customers, present the Shipping Company with tenders. Along with this, the Department of Project Management will identify and solve problems within the projects.

    The activities of the new structure will not be limited to the local market. Thus, the department will expand cooperation with such influential companies as BP, SAIPEM, TOTAL, PETRONAS, and DRAGON OIL. The most important thing – the services provided are in line with international standards and requirements, followed by increasing their level. In addition, the Department will also engage the vessels of foreign organizations (foreign countries) in ACSC ship yards.

    Kerim Sultanov, who has extensive experience in the field of logistics and project management while working in a number of influential international companies, was appointed head of the newly created Project Management Department. Prior to his appointment to this position, K.Sultanov held a number of senior positions in ACSC.