International interactive projects for the Day of the Seafarers 2017


    Every year, on June 25, the whole world celebrates Sailor’s Day or, in another way, Day of the Seafarer, which is held under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The purpose of this holiday is the popularization of maritime professions, the acquaintance of people with the way in which commercial navigation ensures their daily life. In 2017 the slogan of the Seaman’s Day will be: “Seafarers Matter – Mariners are significant”.

    IMO wants to attract ports and maritime centers to the celebration, so that these organizations can clearly demonstrate how important for them the representatives of this complex and dangerous profession. The main idea is to openly share and demonstrate best practices in the field of support and protection of rights, improving the welfare of seafarers. IMO plans to create an interactive map of the world to realize the best port and sea centers.

    “The main goal is to recognize the unique contribution of seafarers to international maritime trade, to the world economy and civil society,” the IMO says. – We call on governments, shipping companies and other interested parties to contribute to the organization of the celebration of the Seafarers Day in all countries.

    Day of the Seafarer is dedicated to employees of the merchant marine fleet and is celebrated since 2010. Thus, the society noted the contribution of 1,500,000 workers of this profession to the development of the world economy. Thanks to them they deliver about 80% of goods around the globe

    On the International Day of the Seafarer, which is celebrated on June 25, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched an interactive map of the world, where ports and maritime centers providing better assistance to seamen were noted.

    In addition to the interactive map, IMO also prepares a number of other initiatives: public events, open days in the centers for seafarers, free access to Wi-Fi in the ports during June 25. The organization calls on all interested parties to disseminate information about the Seafarers Day and to attract as many people as possible to its celebration. In Twitter, a hashtag #SeafarersMatter is created – consonant with the slogan of the holiday this year “Seafarers Matter – meaningful.”

    Azerbaijani Seafarers are invited to join the interactive project Virtual Wall

    To do this, you need to post the best photos about events and places of interest in the sea. On board, in port or in training. About you, your colleagues. About your work the sea. Join the “Sailor’s Day 2017” campaign and inspire everyone to show that #SeafarersMatter.

    Azerbaijani Seafarers Post your best photos of experiences and sights at sea. On board, in port or in training. Yourself, your colleagues or the work you have done whilst out at sea. Join the Day of the Seafarer 2017 campaign and inspire everyone to show that #SeafarersMatter