Discounted tariffs applied on container transportations between Azerbaijan and Georgia


    The container train departed from Georgia today arrived at Keshla station. Train consists of 26 containers.

    Spokeswoman of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC Sevinj Gadirova told Report, as a result of flexible tariff policy, according to first estimations, it will be possible to deliver about 40,000 containers annually between Azerbaijan and Georgia. This means delivery of additionally 1 mln tons of freight.
    Notably, governors of Azerbaijani and Georgian railways signed an agreement on attraction of more container transportation to railways. According to that document, competitive tariffs with 50% discount have been applied to railway container transportations between Georgia and Azerbaijan, same tariffs are applied to freight deliveries from June 1.

    Azerbaijani and Georgian sides prepared container train to carry out container transportations. A special schedule for movement of these trains has been set. Speed of these trains are twice as high as that of other cargo trains.
    Notably, container trains will work several times in a week depending on demand. Return of container trains loaded at Georgian ports after delivering, unloading freight in Azerbaijan will take maximum 5 days.