Day of the Seafarer 2017


    Importance of the Day of the Seafarer

    No one can ever refute the importance of the seafarers. They are the ones who have created a difference in our lives by their deeds and work. One can’t deny the fact that almost all the things we use in our life today have directly or indirectly been affected by the sea transport. So when the time comes to acknowledge them for their deeds one should not hesitate. Keeping this in mind, in 2010 International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to celebrate the Day of the Seafarer on 25th of June every year. Now just a little over a month is left to the day and the plans for celebration are already underway.

    The main purpose of celebrating the day is to acknowledge the seafarers. Their contribution to the maritime industry and the society is unparalleled. They put themselves in danger for the sake of performing their duties properly. Their social and economic contribution has compelled the world to dedicate a day to them. Approximately 90% of world’s goods trade takes place through sea. Seafarers take full responsibility for operation and maintenance of ship along with the safe delivery of these shipments. Therefore they indeed need to be celebrated in a grand and magnificent way. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people like seafarers deserve special attention and appreciation.

    Plans for Day of the Seafarer 2017

    This year International Maritime Organization has planned to celebrate the day with the theme ‘Seafarers Matter’ (#SeafarersMatter). It will be directed solely towards the seafarers and those working on the ports showcasing how much they really matter to the world. Apart from this, International Maritime Organization has also designed a special logo for the day which will display that the maritime industry is inclusive and fits perfectly for both men and women. It is not gender biased and it always works for the societal upliftment. The significance of the seafarers will be demonstrated exclusively in the ports and seafarer centers in a splendid manner. They will be given special attention to make them feel extraordinary on their day.
    Plans have also been made to conduct special activities for the seafarers on the seafarer’s day by the maritime industry. On 25th June 2017 social events will be organized at seafarer centers and ports to make the day lively for them. They will be entertained throughout the day. Along with this, the day would be a public open day at seafarer centers. This will give people a chance to interact openly. There would be programs and activities to celebrate the day with gusto. International Maritime Organization has also decided to provide free wi-fi service on that particular day at the ports and seafarer centers. No stone would be left unturned to make the day memorable.


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