Black Sea fleet warships conduct live firing drills


    The Bora-class Samum hoverborne guided missile corvette and two missile boats of the Black Fleet completed training exercises to neutralize sea and air targets in naval drills, chief of the Black Fleet Information Activities Office, Vyacheslav Trukhachyov, said today, TASS reports.

    “The Bora-class Samum hoverborne guided missile corvette, and R-239 and R-60 missile boats have trained to carry out missile strikes against “enemy” ships, send signals, hold combined maneuvers, and shell an air target.

    Later, ships from the Crimean naval base trained to shell a moving target,” Trukhachyov stated.

    As he pointed out, the exercises also involved the Su-30SM (Flanker-C) fighter jets, Su-24 (Fencer) attack bombers, and Be-12 (Mail) amphibious planes.