The crew of the crane vessel “Athlet-24” is satisfied with the quality of the repair


    Press release of Press Service of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” Closed Joint-Stock Company

    The overhaul of the 40-ton crane vessel “Athlet-24”, which is on the balance of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC has been completed. The vessel, repaired at the “Bibi-Heybat” Ship Repair yard, has already been commissioned.

    In the course of the repair, which began in November 2016, the main and auxiliary engines, pumps, separators, pipe systems, etc. have been refurbished, the unsuitable parts of the hull have been replaced. Along with this, works on cleaning and painting of the underwater and above-water parts of the vessel were carried out. Adjustment of the propulsion-steering complex, as well as vessel on-off valve and the protector of the vessel “Athlet-24”.

    Major overhaul of the vessel also affected the living conditions of the working personnel. Users will enjoy the dining room, rest room and cabins.

    It should be noted, that all the parts used during the repair work are made in the Turning Section of the repair and mechanical department of the “Bibi-Heybat” Ship Repair yard. In order to confirm the working capacity of the equipment, the vessel passed sea tests.

    For information, it should be noted, that the crane vessel “Athlet-24” was built in 1990 in Poland. The vessel is 63.8 meters long and 15 meters wide and is equipped with a 1520 horsepower engine. The speed of the vessel is 11.24 knots.