The first cargo from Kazakhstan’s Kuryk port arrived in Azerbaijan


On March 24, the first cargo from the port of Kuryk arrived in Azerbaijan. The railways wagons carried by “Barda” ferry, which belongs to the CJSC “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” arrived to Baku International Sea Trade Port on March 25.

The management of the port of Kuryk observed the mooring of the ferry “Barda” and the process of loading wagons into vessel, which were completed successfully.

Port of Kuryk with a total area of ​​40 hectares has a favorable geographical position. The depth of water in the port territory provides necessary conditions to send and receive goods for various purposes. The location of the complex on the line of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route is of a great importance for handling the increasing volume of cargoes in this direction.

Role of the Kuryk ferry complex is expected to increase in the future. Nevertheless, further infrastructural works on the territory of the port are taking place. Currently, the construction works of another berth, which will create new opportunities for car transportation vessels (Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax) are in progress.

Previously transit cargo transportation from Kazakhstan was carried out only through the port of Aktau. The limited transshipment capacity of Aktau port, as well as its unfavorable geographical location (direct impact of winds) had a negative effects on its profitability. In this regard, the launching of the Kuryk ferry complex is an important event for Azerbaijan. The new complex is located closer to Baku port, compared to Aktau. Thus, the distance from Kuryk to Baku takes 18 hours, while it took 22 hours from Aktau.

The construction of the port Kuryk based on the experience of Azerbaijani seafarers and Baku International Sea Trade Port. It is encouraging that the first vessel, shipped off from Kuryk, belongs to Azerbaijan. On December 7, 2016, Shahdag ferry vessel, which belongs to the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company was used in the port’s test mode.

It should be reminded, that the Shipping Company is the only ferry operator in the Caspian Sea. Currently, 13 ferries are involved in cargo transportation through the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. Like most shipping companies, the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company pays special attention to increasing the number of ferries in its fleet in order to provide competitive services to its clients. In this regard, the construction of two unique Ro-Pax ferries was ordered to Baku Shipyard Company. The construction of these vessels will allow unhindered transportation of increasing volumes of cargo in the East-West direction and back. The increase in the number of ferries is also of a great importance in terms of transforming Azerbaijan into a transport and logistics center of the region and strengthening the country’s transit potential.