A Tripartite Memorandum was signed


A tripartite meeting of the management of CJSC “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company”, CJSC “Azerbaijan Railways” and JSC “Uzbek Railways” was held. During the meeting, the parties expressed interest in the implementation of additional volumes of transit and export-import cargo transportation through the territory of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. As a result of the discussions, a tripartite memorandum was signed between the parties.

Representatives of each countries stressed the necessity in utilization of the existing transport infrastructure of their countries in the implementation of freight traffic both from Europe and in direction of Central Asia and Afghanistan. The management of JSC “Uzbek Railways” noted that this route will create considerable trade opportunities for export and import of products.

The chairman of the CJSC “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” Rauf Veliyev indicated the willingness of the Shipping Company to allocate vessels for cargo transportation in this direction. “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC, for its part, has undertaken a commitment to create favorable conditions for cargo transportation on this route. According to the document, the parties also defined the potential cargoes, which will be transported through this route.

The parties agreed to establish a permanent working group for the development of this route. The main objective of the group will be a detailed research of the cargo market and new transportation technologies, the preparation and implementation of a marketing strategy, the introduction of competitive logistics products through alternative routes and vehicles. In order to promote logistic products, it is planned to hold an event with the participation of representatives of Azerbaijan Railways, CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and Uzbek Railways, as well as leading exporters and importers of these two countries in April 26-27 of current year in Tashkent.