6 mln tons oil and 3 bln cum gas processed in Azerbaijan last year


6 009.4 thousand tons of crude oil has been processed in Heydar Aliyev oil refining plant of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) during 2016.

Report informs, this was stated in 2016 report of Cabinet of Ministers.

According to report, 1 153.2 thousand tons of gasoline, 627.3 tons of jet fuel, 1 881.9 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 185.6 thousand tons of liquid gas, 179.2 thousand tons of bitumen, 9.7 thousand tons of lubricants, 204.9 thousand tons of coke and other petroleum products have been produced last year. 77% of finished products have been realized in domestic market, 23% have been exported.

Oil processing depth was 89.4%, output of light petroleum products – 63.6%.

According to report, 3 000.7 mln cbm of natural gas have been processed in Gas Refining Plant in 2016 to produce 2 954.3 mln cbm of purified dry gas, 14.1 thousand tons of technical butane and 23.1 thousand tons of gasoline gas. 67% of gasoline gas and technical butane have been delivered to SOCAR’s oil refining and petro-chemical enterprises as raw material, 33% of butane have been realized in domestic market.