Turkmen Railways Offers Discounts on Routes Via Turkmenbashi Port


Turkmenbashi International Seaport provides extensive opportunities for the development of transit, import, and export transportation in the railway sector, as well as for loading and unloading railway wagons from arriving ships, stated a representative of the Türkmendemirýollary (Türkmen Railway) Agency during a roundtable discussion on the role of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport in transit shipments.

As reported by the Transport and Communications Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on Thursday, Türkmendemirýollary introduced the following incentives for transit routes through Turkmenbashi Port in 2024:

  • Discount on sugar raw materials: A 40% discount is granted for the transportation of sugar raw materials and cake through Turkmenbashi Port to the Farap/Takhiatash border crossing on the Turkmen-Uzbek border.
  • Wagon discount: A 30% discount on private and leased wagons, as well as on wagons from the inventory fleet, transporting various goods (excluding aluminum, alumina, and oil products transported in barrels) through Turkmenbashi Port to the Farap/Takhiatash border crossing. A 20% discount is provided accordingly.
  • Transit route discount: A 40% discount is offered on transit routes Turkmenbashi Port 1 – Imamnazar and Turkmenbashi Port 1 – Crossing 161 in both directions.
  • Special loading-unloading discount: A 50% discount is provided for loading and unloading operations at Turkmenbashi Port on all routes (Turkmenbashi Port 1 – Imamnazar and Turkmenbashi Port 1 – Crossing 161 in both directions), regardless of wagon ownership.

The complete list of railway tariffs for export, import, and freight transportation across Turkmenistan, along with current discounts and special rates on Turkmen railways, can be found on the official website of Türkmendemirýollary.