The next block train from China has arrived in the Port of Baku


Today, the next block train, which departed from Xi’an, China, arrived at the Port of Baku. The block train, consisting of 55 40-foot containers, was delivered to the Port of Baku by the “Sunkar” feeder ship (container carrier) from Kazakhstan’s Port of Aktau. Currently, the operation of the unloading of these cargoes and loading them onto the wagons is being carried out in the Port of Baku, and the process is expected to be completed in the next few hours.

Passenger cars, parts of heavy tonnage machinery and other non-food products are transported in this block train, which is supposed to transit from Azerbaijan. The cargoes will be delivered to Georgia’s Port of Poti.

It should be noted that during this year, 100 blocks of trains that will be sent from China’s Xi’an station alone will be delivered to its final destination through the Port of Baku.