V.Ships to evaluate crew management system on ASCO vessels


V.Ships, one of the world’s leading ship management companies, will evaluate the crew management system on the ships of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

Report informs citing ASCO that this will reportedly allow ASCO to employ more advanced crew management techniques in the future.

ASCO Chairman of the Board Rauf Valiyev met with a delegation led by V.Ships Chief Operating Officer Allan Falkenberg and exchanged views on projects that will be implemented in various directions.

One of the main projects involves developing the human resources of ship crews. The program provides for training domestic professional personnel for ASCO. Regular crew members working on ASCO ships, as well as talented students of ASCO educational institutions, will undergo an internship on V.Ships vessels for 3-6 months. After passing the exams, program participants will be able to get a job on new ASCO ships.

It will also evaluate the payroll system at ASCO and compare it with payroll systems in international markets. Reports and proposals will be prepared based on the assessment results.