January-October: Turkmenistan’s Merchant Marine Fleet Increases Cargo Traffic By 23.8%


The total volume of cargo transportation for January-October 2023 by vessels of the Merchant Marine Fleet of Turkmenistan increased by 23.8 percent (1.884 million tonnes) compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

The fleet’s plan on cargo traffic for the corresponding period was fulfilled by 129.9 percent, the press service of the Merchant Marine Fleet reported on Tuesday.

For January-October this year, cargo turnover reached 789.134 million tonne-kilometres, which exceeds the figures of the same period last year by 20.1 percent. 

In the specified reporting period of January to October, the cargo turnover plan was achieved by 229.2 percent. Moreover, the transportation of containers reached a total of 3,271 TEU, signifying a notable growth rate of 265.9 percent.

Passenger turnover for the corresponding period increased by 58.7 percent compared to last year, totalling 7.912 million passenger kilometres. The passenger turnover plan was fulfilled by 240.9 percent.

The total volume of cargo transportation by ships of the Merchant Marine Fleet for January-June of the current year increased by 31.4 percent compared to the same period in 2022 and amounted to 1,150.50 thousand tonnes.