Senior Representatives of the Caspian Policy Center Delegation Visits the Port of Baku


Today, a delegation from the Caspian Policy Center, a prominent think tank specializing in the Caspian region, visited the Port of Baku. The Center’s delegation included Mr. Efgan Nifti, CEO; Dr. Eric Rudenshiold, Senior Fellow for Caspian Affairs in the USA; along with Mr. David Moran, Former UK Regional Climate and Energy Envoy for Europe and Central Asia, who also served as Ambassador to several countries.

During the visit, the delegation met with Director-General of the Port of Baku, Dr. Taleh Ziyadov and engaged in fruitful discussions regarding the pivotal role of the Middle Corridor in the context of regional developments. Emphasis was placed on the Port of Baku’s crucial position as a central hub in the regional connectivity.

Parties also discussed potential routes through Azerbaijan, bolstering regional supply chains and trade dynamics, particularly considering new opportunities along the Middle Corridor, with a focus on Azerbaijan. Furthermore, the delegation learned about the port’s innovative strides in digitalization, sustainability, and circular economy initiatives in the region.