Airswift-AzTechno is looking for a Construction Engineer, Tooling


Position title: Construction Engineer, Tooling

KEY ROLE The AGT GSE ROV & Construction Engineer-Tooling is the focal point and main interface for all GSE ROV and Subsea ROV Tooling related work scopes and interfaces. This will relate to all the following activities that are currently ongoing or are planned in the future:  ·         ROV, Intervention, Tooling & Subsea Equipment, Survey Support. ·         Drilling Intervention, XMT and Completion Support. ·         Manage competency and provision of ROV & Tooling personnel  ·         ROV 6 shooter / Pile Tension Anchor (PTA), maintenance Support. ·         ROV Engineering & Technical Authority Support. ·         C&C (Capping & Containment) ROV & Tooling Technical support The RTOE will: 1.       Provides support, direction and input for AGT regional ROV & ROV Tooling related projects.  2.       Ensure maintenance and storage of following equipment is maintained to OEM / Company standards a.       BOP 6 shooter emergency intervention equipment b.       BOP-Tethering equipment maintenance & support c.        Regional ROV tool pool d.       Specialized Company owned subsea equipment 3.       Select and advise the suitability of ROV systems and available equipment.  4.       Ensure existing ROV equipment and Tooling designs conform to Company standards and develop plans for future requirements to improve performance.  5.       Monitor Contractor performance to ensure it meets contractual requirements, i.e. Non-Productive Time, Non-Conformance Report’s, Equipment failure reports, Cost tracking, After Action Reviews and Lessons Learned. 6.       Acts as the interface between regional teams where ROV, ROV Tooling and access to equipment, personnel or capabilities is required  7.       Perform ROV Technical Authority role supporting regional teams for commercial, operational, technical & auditing functions.  8.       Perform role of ROV Single point of contact for emergency, Capping & Containment, incident management. ACADEMIC / EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: ·         Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent academic qualification. ·         A minimum of 10 years proven capability of managing ROV systems and subsea intervention activities. ·         Experience in project management and delivery of ROV systems and tooling scopes. ·         Experience in managing, safe scope delivery and oversight of ROV Contractors. ·         Experience in auditing ROV systems for industry compliance (IMCA) and contractors. ·         A working knowledge of the design and operation of typical subsea equipment e.g. XT’s, umbilical’s,  ·         pipelines, manifolds and connector systems. RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBJECTIVES  SCOPE MANAGEMENT ·         Manage ROV & ROV Tooling Contractor Performance  ·         Manage the Subsea Equipment Tool pool. Provide assurance all equipment is maintained to the standard required to support regional teams where required.  ·         Provides oversight ensuring contractors follow Industry & Company standards & codes, that safety priorities are understood and clearly communicated to all personnel.  ·         Ensures personnel training and competency standards are clearly understood, adhered to and monitored. ·         Monitors compliance with contractual obligations ensuring Nationalization targets are met monitoring all personnel brought in to service the contract. ·         Regional Coordinator for compliance with BP Practice 100249: Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Intervention System for Emergency BOP Activation ·         Manages ROV & Tooling Contractor Annual Operating Plans to ensure compliance with Contractual and regional expectations.  ·         Coordinate and assist Tooling and interface requirements relating to all ROV & ROV Tooling / Intervention Operations. ·         Assist Teams with Support relating to BOP Intervention Equipment, Well Capping and Containment, Drilling, Subsea Operation & Vessel Teams where required. ·         Direct Subsea Tooling Contractors work scope managing their workflow  ·         Provide operational & maintenance support for Six Shooter emergency BOP activation system, BOP Mega Panel tooling / interface support. ·         Provide operational & maintenance support for Pile Tension Anchor (PTA) units  ·         Quality control of Contractors documentation (Procedures, maintenance plans, reporting, lessons learned, after action reviews)  ·         Assist PSCM with Contractual technical and planning support. Scope and demand planning for provision of Contract / PO’s as required ·         Correlation of data for reporting of NPT, NCR’s, LL. ·         Manage Contractor spend with Cost tracker for ROV and Tooling contracts.  ·         Assist PSCM with development of Contract Technical SoW & demand plans. ·         Assist with and update ROV intervention documentation where required (i.e. BOP intervention, Rig Vessel communications protocols) ·         Collect and store in Company Server all ROV Highlight, Intervention, Survey, deployment and one off special Videos. CV submission closing date is 09 November 2023.CVs to be submitted to [email protected]