Visit of Guangdong GW Holdings Group Co., Ltd. to the Port of Baku


Today, a delegation from Guangdong GW Holdings Group Co., Ltd., based in China, visited the Port of Baku. The delegation was led by Mr. Fang Qichao, Chairman of the Board. During their visit, they held a meeting with the port’s leadership to discuss the pivotal role of the Port of Baku within the Middle Corridor, aligning with the One Belt One Road initiative.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit to Baku is to explore potential trade opportunities, evaluate logistical capabilities, and identify opportunities for collaboration to expand their presence and investments in the Caspian Sea region.

Established in 1951, Guangdong GW Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has a storied history. The company specializes in logistics and the production of various materials, boasting a workforce of over 10,000 employees distributed across more than 200 subsidiaries.