Técnicas Reunidas is looking for a Interface Manager


Work Position: Interface Manager

Reports to: Project Director/Operations Manager

Job Description

Specific Functions (Manager – Leader):

  • Manage the coordination of Project interfaces with other contractors that may be participating as well as interfaces between different units or battery limits.
  • Direct the interdisciplinary coordination related to Offsites and Utilities and interfaces among the different areas that divide the project.
  • Lead initiatives for the generation of cost reduction plans as well as the acceleration of the program of activities.
  • Lead and assure consistency of engineering plans related to Project interfaces with third parties, different units, or battery limits. This applies to work conducted at the HO or at the site.
  • Direct Technical Clarifications and information requested from the Client or other contractors that may be required for the development of the works.
  • Lead and consolidate the periodic progress reports and the closing of the Project concerning you area of responsibility.
  • Lead the management and expediting of potential change orders with the Client, beginning with the NCs or STQs generated in your area of responsibility.
  • Lead the management of the engineering resources (whether TR’s or subcontracted) assigned to interface design, identifying potential additional needs.
  • Lead the distribution of functions and the establishment of objectives and performance indicators for the Project Engineers and Discipline Leaders in your area of responsibility.
  • In accordance with the Contract and the technical specifications of the Client and Project, coordinate technical support during the execution of guarantee tests in your area of responsibility.
  • Support the Project Manager and the Project Operations Manager in issues such as: the creation of Execution Plans and Project Management Procedures, Scheduling, Budget and Billing Control, etc.
  • Confirm the contents and scope of requisitions, tabulations, award recommendations, and material and equipment purchase orders associated with interfaces.
  • Verify that equipment and materials in your area of responsibility that arrive at the site are in agreement with the Contract scope and meet the technical specifications off the Client, Project, and the requests.
  • Analyze and propose actions to take regarding reports on the state of requisitions, requests, and the budget and billing controls for materials related to interfaces.
  • Ensure continuity between engineering and construction (through your temporary assignment to the site).
  • Be familiar with and support the effort of obtaining and renewing permits and approvals for the Project.
  • Know the Contract and the Project objectives, and make sure that these are known within the Engineering Group that works in your area.
  • Know the procedures, specifications, and rules of the Project, and ensure that all personnel that take part in your area of responsibility apply them as well.
  • When required, report the state of the Project to the Engineering Director.
  • Promote and encourage the identification of potential lessons learned during the different phases of the Project.
  • Promote and encourage a continuous process of improvement in all your functions.
  • Coordinate the Program of Plans and Activities in your area/unit of responsibility.
  • Sign the timesheets for personnel under your supervision.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]   

06.05.2023 with subject line: Interface Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.