Caspian Drilling Company is looking an Offshore Installation Manager (O.I.M.)

JOB TITLE:Offshore Installation Manager (O.I.M.)
JOB TITLE:Offshore Installation Manager (O.I.M.)
  REPORTS TO:    Senior Rig Manager
  WORK SCHEDULE  Rotation Schedule
RESPONSIBILITY  Follows and implements all CDC Procedures and Standards as stipulated in CDC Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) without deviations. (in case it deemed necessary to deviate he must liaison with his rig manager).Overall charge and responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all persons onboard and all activities conducted thereon and within 500 meters of the installation. Fully authorized and obliged to take whatever actions he considers are necessary to prevent injury, loss of life, damage to equipment/structure and/or loss of drilling integrity.Establishing goals and objectives (consistent with the Company’s stated mission) in pursuit of satisfying the requirements of both the client and shore based management. Insure all the aspect of the rig management (safety, operations, personnel, training regulatory compliance, and budget) are handled in light of the company goals and objectives. ensure the safe and efficient execution of those activities, by planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
    DUTIES:      Understanding and appreciation of all aspects of the drilling unit operation in order to effectively carry out both management and command functions. Drilling procedures (including well control) , Offshore logistics Meteorology and Oceanography, Stability, Load line requirements, Anchoring and anchor handling, Heavy weather Fire or explosion, Man overboard, Collision, Ballast control failure, Gas release (hydrocarbon/H2S)Engineering (power generation and auxiliary systems) Maritime law.Provides leadership and direction to ensure that the activities and focus of all departments are effectively managed and coordinated.Maintains discipline offshore in all matters affecting the health, safety and welfare of all persons on the installation.Establishes goals and objectives aimed toward improving the quality and performance of the rig in line with the Company’s stated mission.Determines when to cease \ resume operations, as per Operating Manual and Company Policies and Procedures.Implements, directs and coordinates all emergency response efforts arising from fire, weather, flooding or any other cause that may similarly threaten injury, life or the rig itself. Develop and maintain a high level of emergency response and control, which will include an effective and appropriate station bill, training and regular drills and exercises.Conducts regular inspections and audits of the rig to ensure that all areas and activities remain in compliance with the Company’s Policy and Procedure.Establishes and maintains constituencies for the nomination and election of safety representatives, chairs operational \ safety meetings ,drills and  safety committee, and reports to the rig manager.Reviews and approves daily operational plans, in coordination with department supervisors and client representative. Reviews daily all IADC logs, deck logs and official logs as appropriate. Approves all rig move plans, including mooring and unmooring proposals. Approves daily stability and deck loading calculations.Coordinates, the movement of supply boats and helicopter. Directs the standby vessel to properly position in cooperation with client representative and department supervisor, Remains informed of all such movements.Ensures that adequate levels of consumables are maintained on the rig in order to affect appropriate well control procedures in response to a kick.Ensures that appropriate levels of essential services \ maintenance are being performed and records maintained in line with the Company’s preventative maintenance system. and to the satisfaction of the operation.Establishes and maintains good working relationships with the crew, client and third party personnel and promotes effective working relationships between departments.Ensures that all persons onboard receive induction training covering instruction in the use and location of lifesaving, fire fighting and other safety equipment and systems for the installation.Ensures that personnel on the rig possess the level of knowledge and experience (competency) necessary to perform their functions efficiently and safely.Ensures that all rig documentation, including construction and equipment drawings, is maintained and updated as required to reflect the current status of the unit.Ensures that all log books, maintenance records, permits and any other such documentation as may be required are properly prepared and submitted as appropriate.Prepares and submits all reports as required by regulatory authorities on a timely basis. Ensures all legal and regulatory documents, certificates, inspection and regulatory tasks are maintained current and Ensures all legal and regulatory documents, certificates, inspection and regulatory tasks are maintained current and ValidRepresents the Company in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of Company and client business.Ensures that all third party equipment on the rig is in possession of all required and current documentation and certification, and that such equipment is appropriate for its location and purpose on the rig.Ensures that all personnel on the installation are in possession of all required and current documentation or certification.Controls purchases and expenditures in such a manner so as to promote efficiency and achieve budgetary objectives.    
QUALIFICATIONS/ EXPERIENCE:3-5 years of experience as an OIM in floaters ,or barge engineer in floater. Posses a valid OIM ticket.Must be able to manage, which includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling people and projects.Pass the Competency assessment required for    this position before (promoted) or during the probation period (newly hired).Successfully demonstrate physical ability to perform essential job functions.( pass pre-placement physical examination).and pass the company drug screening test.Must successfully satisfy all applicable international regulatory body and client training certification and/or marine license/document requirements.              

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