The ports of the Caspian “five” have a great potential for capacity development


Experts note that the ports of  Russia ,  Turkmenistan ,  Azerbaijan ,  Kazakhstan  and  Iran  in the Caspian Sea have a great potential for developing capacities and infrastructure due to the growth in cargo flows.

“Currently, the capabilities of the ports of the “five” countries are much less than the cargo flows expected in the medium term. All ports have a very serious potential for development, especially port infrastructure. This includes an increase in the number of berth walls, and the modernization of the loading and unloading infrastructure, and an increase or modernization of the rolling stock, ”said  Alexander Elizarov , Russian trade representative  in  Turkmenistan  , to TASS , commenting on the past  Caspian Economic Forum .

According to him, we can talk not only about the actual port infrastructure. “For example, the ports of  Makhachkala  and  Baku  are direct competitors, but now there is more than enough cargo for everyone, sometimes   there are queues even in Baku . But in order to turn flows from  Baku  to  Makhachkala , we need a bypass road around the capital of  Dagestan , in this way it is possible to develop road infrastructure, ”he explained.

The II  Caspian Economic Forum  was held on October 5-6 in Skolkovo, Moscow Region. On the sidelines of the forum, round tables were organized on various issues of trade and economic cooperation between the Caspian “five”. In addition, the agenda included events on youth entrepreneurship and innovative development of the countries of the Caspian region.