The ferry vessel “Professor Gul” is back in operation after overhaul


The overhaul of the “Professor Gul” ferry the property of Marine Sea Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) was completed. The high-quality repair was carried out at the “Zigh” Ship Construction and Repair Yard in a short period of time.

The main and three auxiliary engines of the ferry were repaired.

Hull-welding, pipeline, electrical and automatic works were accomplished on the vessel. Also ships’s seaborne machinery (pumps, separator, compressor) were repaired.

At the same time, the underwater and surface parts of the “Professor Gul” main deck, engine room and upper structure were cleaned and painted. The living quarters and offices for crew members have been renovated in accordance with modern requirements.

After a successful water testing the vessel was put back into operation.

It is to be noted that the ferry, which is 154.47 meters long and 18.3 meters wide, is equipped with the most modern navigation system.