Orion Group is looking for an Area Engineer Lead


Poisition: Area Engineer Lead

Services include:

∙ Focal point for technical knowledge and expertise for the assigned area. Supervision and coordination of all technical aspects of the engineering works within that area.

∙ Monitor the overall progress of engineering work from the engineering contractors and address problems areas as they arise.

∙ Ensure alignment and consistency of design for the area across all disciplines. Responsible for ensuring a clash free design and provide oversight of the Contractors 3D model reviews.

∙ Management of the engineering interfaces and transfer of information between the engineering contractors.

∙ Responsible for engineering input to the management of change process.

∙ Provide engineering support throughout fabrication, installation and commissioning.

∙ Coordination of engineering issues across the disciplines.

∙ Oversight of quality of the engineering design work from the contractors in accordance with company standards and specifications. 

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