Overhaul of the tanker “Shah Ismayil Khatai” completed


The overhaul of the tanker “Shah Ismayil Khatai” has been completed. The tanker belongs to the Merchant Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

The high-quality repair of the vessel have completed in time at “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard.

During the repair, the underwater and surface parts of the vessel, the deck and the engine room were completely cleaned and painted. Also, the main and auxiliary engines of the vessel, pumps, separators and compressors were repaired. In addition, pipelining, electrical installation, automation works, and welding of the hull were carried out.

The living quarters, bathrooms and dining room on the “Shah Ismail Khatai” ship have been renovated.

After the repair, the tanker was successfully tested on the water and returned to the transportation of raw oil.

It should be noted that the vessel “Shah Ismail Khatai” is one of the largest tankers of the Merchan Fleet. Its length is 149.9 meters, width – 17.3 meters, and full load capacity – 13.8 thousand tons.