Wood PLC is looking for a P&O, Business Services and Operations Coordinator


Position Title: P&O, Business Services and Operations Coordinator


• Continual interaction with Heads of Department to ensure effective delivery as per project schedule
• Liaison with Heads of Department and corporate to ensure effective Risk and Interface Management and implementation of any necessary Business Continuity measures
• Delivers an ethical and customer focused service
• Hands on Operations management for ACE project including people mobility
• Expert in local cultural, legislative and HSE practices


• Lead and manage the Risk Management process for the project
• Lead and manage the Interface Management and KPI process for the project
• Lead and manage the Business Continuity plan and process for the project
• Undertake emergency response duty manager duties on a rotational basis
• Mental Health First Aider
• Local Sustainability representative and champion, ensuring the business works towards its sustainability goals and implementing projects locally to achieve that.
• Lead and manage Project Operations team to deliver an ethical service to the project
• Manage people issues in a fair and productive manner; motivate others to strive for excellence and manage the effective allocation of resources to meet business requirements
• Facilitate the effective movement of candidates through the resourcing process, encouraging proactive feedback from Hiring Managers and collaborating with Global Mobility to ensure the timely release of employment contracts and an effective mobilisation process for new hires.
• Deliver strategy to attract and engage staff
• Makes best use of technology and tools to tackle operational challenges
• Management of the mobilising process including any updates or changes to the process to be managed correctly
• Manage the capability, delivery, and development of local Project team
• Participate in, and contribute to, the development of people related strategies in the business. Through excellent influencing and decision-making skills, implement people strategy and deliver solutions to enable the business to achieve business objectives and maximise potential
• Participate in and implementation of corporate initiatives
• Drive continuous improvement and innovative solutions particularly in relation to improved structure, systems, process leading to ensure greater added value.
• Drive termination and redundancy situations via effective workforce planning through working closely with the project and other parts of the business (Globally). Lead this process in line with best practice and legislation to effectively manage personnel while supporting line management and recognising business needs.
• Develop, lead and support operations team in ensuring good employee relations
• Lead and facilitate changes to terms and conditions in a timely manner while supporting and encouraging managers to consider value added by their teams.
• Provide proactive solutions and decision making in conjunction with operational requirements, in line with best practice and to support decision making in line with business requirements.
• Ensure risk to the business is minimised to satisfy appropriate legislation and business requirements whilst recognising best practice and ensuring consistency across the project
• Support the business in the management of change while maintaining effective operational delivery
• Ensures consistent alignment to company values and behaviours
• Provide best in class advice to hiring managers on resource planning, assessment methods and interviewing
• Deputise for the Business Services Manager on occasion
• Management of Project travel requirements in conjunction with Global Travel Team, always ensuring best practice
• Management and coordination of Project accommodation requirements, including ensuring the HSSE elements of accommodation and budgetary constraints.
• Management of transportation requirements and ensuring HSSE elements are adhered to including vehicle condition, PPE, driver competency, risk management, journey plans, reporting etc.
• Delivery of an operational, results-driven team, where customer satisfaction is the primary aim and continuous improvement is standard.
• Accountable for the day-to-day management, delivery and development of team members and external team members, providing strong leadership, guidance and mentoring national staff to ensure personnel development.
• Provide competence Assurance advice to client as required
• Implementation and management of Project Microsoft Teams to ensure interface coordination across the project and communication of key issues, including HSSE, Risk Management and KPIs.
• Coordination with Commercial Department on Ethics and Compliance plans, processes, training and actions in country.
• Coordination of formal correspondence with Client and other stakeholders.
• Input into project forecasts, manning profiles, annual reviews and tenders (both client and subcontract).



• Heads of Department
• Commercial
• Project Services
• Employees
• Global Mobility


• Client personnel
• Contractors
• Subcontractors
• BP


• Makes decisions directly related to the operational delivery of own team within ACE project
• Influence ACE Heads of Department in relation to decision making on a local basis in relation strategies and initiatives
• Makes decisions directly related to the implementation of Risk mitigations and Business Continuity measures
• Makes decisions directly related to the interface management and influences Client, Customers, Heads of Department interfaces for the ACE project


Minimum Qualifications:

• Degree preferred but not essential

Minimum Experience:

• Prior experience of mentoring or coaching others in best practice approach and operational delivery
• Minimum 10 years’ experience as a manager, within a multi-national / multi-cultural environment.
• Comprehensive understanding of legislative frame works and processes / initiatives
• Understanding of Project Delivery methods

Job-Specific Skills:

• Strong presentation skills and proven ability to negotiate and influence leadership internally and externally
• Experience of delivering high volume and complex campaigns
• Experience of Project Delivery
• Project Coordination and Risk Management
• Experience of presenting solutions to customers and working in partnership to deliver to agreed customer requirements
• Experience of working with Project Heads of Department to enable forward planning and enhance delivery
• Interpersonal savvy and self-awareness: Relates well with others; considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations, is tactful, compassionate, and sensitive, and treats others with respect. Understands how others perceive them and can flex their own style to the situation for greater effectiveness
• Results Driven Self-starter: Takes initiative and consistently delivers results of the highest quality, personally and through his/her team, take accountability for one’s work, has a sense of urgency, overcomes hurdles and ensures that results are delivered
• Able and willing to roll up one’s sleeves and do what it takes to deliver results; willing to handle both routine tasks and be an agile learner taking on new responsibilities that challenge and exceed what the person has done before
• Customer Service Orientation: Has a service orientation to internal clients, being responsive to needs, effectively managing expectations, and facilitating self-sufficiency in others, where possible.
• Business Savvy: learns the core elements of the business, how the project works


• Strength of character to deal with challenging stakeholders to ensure compliance with code of conduct, and company procedures.

Please send your CV to [email protected] by indicating the position title in the subject line of your email.