Hydrometeorological Service issues warning reagarding weather change


The National Hydrometeorological Service of Azerbaijan has issued a weather warning, Report informs.

North-western wind is expected to intensify to 15-20 m/s, sometimes reaching 23-25 ​​m/s in Baku and Absheron peninsula on January 27-28.

Sporadic rain is expected on January 27-28, and sleet in some places in the evening of January 27, on the night of January 28 and in the morning.

The temperature will be +2 – +6° C.

From January 27 to the evening of January 28, the weather is expected to be rainy in the country, sleet and snow are forecast for some places. It is likely to be intensive in mountainous areas.

West wind will reach 15-20 m/s, sometimes intensifying to 23-28 m/s in some places in the afternoon on January 27.

The minimum temperature will be 0 – -5 ° C in the central lowlands, -8 – -13 ° C in the mountains.