Kazakhstan extends ban on export of oil products


The restriction will again affect gasoline, diesel fuel and a number of petroleum products.

Kazakhstan will extend the ban on the export of petroleum products outside the country by   road for another 6 months.
Energy Minister M. Mirzagaliyev announced this on September 13 at a government meeting.

“The issue of extending the order for another 6 months is being considered, which provides for a ban on the export of  gasoline ,  diesel fuel  and other certain types of oil products by road outside Kazakhstan,” said M. Mirzagaliyev.

Recall that Kazakhstan introduced a restriction  on May 9, 2021. The
authorities banned the export of gasoline, diesel fuel and certain types of petroleum products by road for 6 months (EAEU TN VED 2709, 2710, 2902, 3403, 3811, 3826 – among them  light oil products  – IF- TO).
At the same time, the ban does not apply to  lubricating oils , to export in gas tanks provided by the manufacturer of automobile vehicles and installed in accordance with technical conditions.
You can also take out the fuel in a separate container with a volume of no more than 20 liters.

It was noted that the restrictions were introduced to prevent a shortage of petroleum products in the domestic market.
Prior to this, a similar ban was introduced in November 2019,
however, it also extended to lubricating oils.
This ban was lifted in April 2020.

source: https://neftegaz.ru/news/gosreg/696830-kazakhstan-prodlevaet-zapret-na-vyvoz-nefteproduktov/