AZFEN Joint Venture is Looking for a Crane Operator


Position: Crane operator

Reports to: Lifting head

Job brief:

The Crane Operator is responsible for operating various types of cranes on a wide variety of short-term construction jobs and extended term projects. The Crane Operator must be highly skilled in crane operation and rigging as well as working with a variety of heavy equipment and smaller company vehicles

Job description:

  • Responsible for the safe operation of various types of boom trucks and cranes at all times:
  • Inspect equipment and all lifting gear prior to each use to ensure it is in safe and proper working order.
  • Assures all lifts are within load limits of equipment and correctly rigged.
  • Stay constantly aware of any external conditions and surroundings that could affect crane operation.
  • Operate crane and equipment in a safe, precise and efficient manner.
  • Assemble, set up and rig the cranes properly.
  • Function as rigger/signal person depending on work and staff at hand.
  • Operate and determine lifting capabilities in accordance to load chart.
  • Operate crane according to written, verbal or signal instruction.
  • Inspect crane for safety standards and report concerns and deficiencies.
  • Complete job tickets, crane inspection reports, and other necessary paperwork.
  • Operate other types of equipment, fleet trucks and trailers.
  • Follow directives from supervisor, and anyone senior, with the sense of duty to take initiative and remain productive at work.
  • Perform trade for long hours, day after day, often in adverse conditions, to complete the project at hand.
  • Maintain consistent and punctual attendance.
  • Work as a “team-player” with co-workers in a respectful and supportive manner.
  • Perform preventative maintenance such as performing lube work, cleaning parts, taking fluid samples, replenishing fluids, inspecting components and parts for proper operation, damage or wear, etc. Repair and replace components and parts as need on heavy equipment.
  • Report any incident, situation or activity that may affect the company’s ability to operate safely, ethically and profitably to the company Risk Manager.
  • Act as a team member and mentor less experienced coworkers.
  • Maintain any required certifications mandatory by law or company policy.
  • Work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


•  Minimum of 10 years operator experience on Topsides Projects or related field in oil and gas industry

•  Minimum of 5 years’ experience on 600 ton crawler crane.

•  Intermediate and progressive knowledge of all aspects of crane operation and rigging, including operating, control, and maintenance.

•  Knowledge of crane and construction industry with ability to stay up to date on industry regulations and best practices.

•  Knowledge of construction and crane operation safety protocols and best practices.

•  Skill in inspecting cranes and rigging equipment for safety and maintenance purposes.

•  Effective professional communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal.

•  Skill in organizing resources, establishing priorities, meeting deadlines and general time management.

•  Ability to observe safety and security procedures; determine appropriate action beyond guidelines; report potentially unsafe conditions; use equipment and materials properly.


  • Accredited Crane Operator Certification required.

Mail to [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject of “CRANE OPERATOR”