3 sailors died on Turkish operated ship ‘Global Lake’!


Three sailors including the captain of the ship lost their lives in a tragic incident on the ship named Global Lake which is operated by Istanbul-based Akar Shipping. A press release was issued by the company on the incident.

Three sailors, including the ship’s captain lost their lives while the Liberian-flagged ship Global Lake which is operated by Istanbul-based Akar Shipping, was sailing off the coast of Spain.

It was stated that 4 sailors fainted and immediately intervened during the cargo tank control. Despite the necessary first aid interventions, Mindia Gatenadze, Hasan Argındoğan and Ship’s Captain Ahmet Akdeniz were reported to have lost their lives. It was stated that the necessary investigations and researches were carried out meticulously.

Akar Shipping made a press release due to the accident. The statement included the following statements:

“While the Liberia-flagged GLOBAL LAKE ship, operated by our company, was in the offshore of Spain, during the cargo tank control by the crew, our colleagues, Able Seaman Mindia Gatenadze, Boatswain Hasan Argındoğan, Able Seaman Hüseyin Eryılmaz and Ship’s Captain Ahmet Akdeniz, passed out. The incident was immediately intervened by other seafarers, an emergency call was made and necessary first aid interventions were made. Despite all the interventions, we have learned with great sadness that Mindia Gatenadze, Hasan Argındoğan and Ship’s Captain Ahmet Akdeniz lost their lives. Hüseyin Eryılmaz, on the other hand, was injured and taken to the hospital by helicopter, which immediately arrived at the scene, upon the call made from the ship and with the initiatives of our company, and was taken under treatment.

Necessary investigations and researches are carried out meticulously by both our company and official authorities regarding the tragic event that occurred, and all the factors in the occurrence of the event will be examined and the results will be shared with the public and official authorities in all clarity.

We wish God’s mercy on our personnel who lost their lives in the incident, our condolences to their relatives and maritime community, and a fast recovery to our injured personnel. We respectfully submit to your information that we stand by our colleagues and their families during this painful process, and that we have provided and will continue to provide all necessary support.