Turkmenistan Comissions Its First Turkmen-Class Corvette “Deniz Han”


On August 11, the Turkmen Armed Forces commissioned its first Turkmen-class corvette, the “Deniz Han” (pennant number:01), at Turkmenbashi Naval Base. Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attended the ceremony.

The corvette’s commanding officer welcomed the President onboard and hoisted the national flag to signify the ship’s commissioning into the Turkmen fleet during the ceremony.

“We as Dearsan A.S. are proud of having reached an important milestone for the Turkish Defense Industry. We congratulate all our partnering companies and institutions who contributed to this success story with our most sincere wishes.” Dearsan announced the delivery of Deniz Han via its official Linkedin account.

The Turkish Gulhan & Dearsan joint venture, consisting of two shipyards, built the Deniz Han corvette in Turkmenistan. The Joint Venture and Turkmen officials signed the agreement in August 2019 at Turkey’s most prominent defense industry exhibition, IDEF 19. Though officials did not reveal the contract details in public, information leaked to Turkish media indicates that the contract covers the construction of one corvette, with the option to increase the number in the future.

Turkmen-class corvette. Footage released by Turkmen TV Channel.

The manufacturer defines the corvette’s original class name as “C92.” She has been designed to primarily conduct anti-air warfare operations, as well as anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare missions.

Deniz Han has a total length of 91.4 meters, a beam of 14.4 meters, and a displacement of approximately 1,600 tonnes. The corvette is armed with a 1 x 8 MBDA Otomat Mk 2 anti-ship missile system, a 76 mm Leonardo Super Rapid Gun, and a 35 mm Turkish Roketsan Gokdeniz Close-in Weapon System. Deniz Han has become the first naval ship fitted with Gokdeniz CIWS.

She is equipped with a 16-cell vertical launching system capable of launching VL MICA short-range anti-aircraft missiles. In addition, Deniz Han is outfitted with torpedo launchers as well as ASW rocket launchers.

The vessel features a flight deck for helicopter and vertical lanting drone operations; however, she doesn’t have a hangar to accommodate a helicopter.

35 mm Turkish Roketsan Gokdeniz Close-in Weapon System. Footage released by Turkmen TV Channel.

Main power comes from four MAN 18VP185 Diesel Engines, delivering a top speed of 26kt. The operational range of Deniz Han at economical speed is 3,000 nautical miles. The corvette will be operated by a crew of 100.

Turkmen officials haven’t revealed anything about Deniz Han’s sensors. According to the company brochure, the ship has a 3D air/surface suarch radar, hull-mounted sonar, infrared search&track system (IRST), electronic support & countermeasure system, and torpedo countermeasure system. Naval News expects to learn more about the sensors and systems at the IDEF 21 exhibition, which will be held in Istanbul from the 17th to August 20.

Deniz Han is expected to assume the flagship role of the Turkmen fleet. In terms of protecting rights and interests in Turkmenistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone, the new corvette is expected to be a force multiplier in the Caspian Sea.

The Turkmen-class corvette is not Turkey’s first naval ship export to Turkmenistan. Dearsan Shipyard, a Joint Venture member, built 10 Serhet-class patrol boats for the Turkmen fleet in the last decade, which are more armed versions of Turkey’s Tuzla-class patrol boats.