Subhan Bekirov: 1,000 personnel, 43 ships to participate in exercises


“About 1,000 personnel, 43 ships, boats, and two helicopters will take part in the tactical exercises with the participation of the Navy’s Battleship Squadron, Supply Ships, and Marines,” Rear Admiral Subhan Bekirov, Commander of the Navy, told journalists.

According to him, the exercises will consist of three stages:

“In the first stage, the command post will be established on the ship, the ships will leave the main base point, and patrol operations will be carried out. In the second stage, the main combat missions will be fulfilled, surface targets, mines, and other tasks will be implemented. In the third stage, the main task will be to rescue the shipwreck and rescue the ship seized by terrorists.”

Note that the training will be held on June 22-23.