SOCAR supplied 1,500 tons of liquefied gas to Ukraine this month


The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and SOCAR New Energy, established jointly with Rosneft for the supplies of its products to Ukraine, delivered 3,400 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to the country, A-95 consulting group said in a statement.

Report informs, citing Ukrainian media, that 1,500 tons were supplied to SOCAR Energy Ukraine, a SOCAR subsidiary in Ukraine.

Petroleum gas deliveries amounted to 63,000 tons in 13 days of June, an increase of 11,600 tons from the same period in May.

LPG imports from Russia rose 2.5 times to 27,000 tons, deliveries from Kazakhstan dropped by 11% to 19,000 tons, and supplies from Belarus grew by 9%, reaching 10,500 tons.

LPG supplies across the western border amounted to 6,000 tons, showing a 19% decline. Lithuania and Poland remain the main sources of supplies with 1,960 and 1,940 tons respectively.