International Company is Looking for a Design Technical Engineer



Minimum 6-7 years related field experience.  At least 5 years in equivalent or level down role.

Degree qualified: Degree qualified /relevant experience


Responsible for the interface of all design, planning and execution of all BP/Schlumberger completions on the ACG development, related to lower completions and intervention activities.

– Role is primarily onshore but will also require offshore engineering/execution support as required. The position reports to the Schlumberger Completions Business Segment Manager and is also accountable to the ACG Snr.Completions Engineer (Client)

– Participate in Pre-Job Meetings onshore (lead) and offshore (assure) as they relate to Schlumberger lower completions

– Review and assure accuracy of pre-job/offshore Well Data with Client’s Engineer. When offshore participate in all morning and evening meetings to be conducted with Client

– Responsible for the design updates and successful engineering execution, meeting as needed with the BP completions engineers to ensure a seamless interface

– Assure all technical aspects of tool string configuration, procedures,etc.,with respect to lower completion Operations (including interfaces and interventions)

– Co-ordinate in conjunction with the FSM Lower Completion,all onshore tool/equipment testing & equipment integrity issues.Plan,write and assure accuracy of all lower completion programme/operational procedures and ensure well completion objectives are met, communicate same to Company’s  team

– Maintain detailed equipment requirements.Track product orders and ensure in-time product delivery.Highlight to SLB/BP in a timely manner all potential shortages, problems & issues

– Maintain close working links with SLB engineering, manufacturing and Integrity assurance functions.Assure all information in an expedient manner. Note:Technical liaison between BP & SLB Engineering & Manufacturing centres when own knowledge not sufficient

– Technical liaison to fulfil Client’s requests(e.g. design modifications, NCRs, etc.,)

– Review and optimise completion installation procedures. Responsible for preparing and completing the relevant supporting documentation as it relates to: Prejob Engineering Report (T&D, Gravel calc, FIV N2 calc, SRT, etc), WorkString and washpipe Gauge data collection, EOWR (End Of Well Report), Service Quality Issue follow up, ESORs, Maintain SRT pressure database.

– Support and advise completion operations to execute the completion (focus on OHG execution), ensuring that any ambiguities or concerns relating to the programme are addressed with the appropriate authority and that amendments are issued as necessary. On call in case of operational difficulties, Perform Post OHGP data analysis as per assignment by Client. Provide supervision,mentoring, training and development of national and expatriate Company staff, as required

– Promote learning. Liaise with Client’s Engineers to ensure the appropriate operational lessons learnt are captured to ensure that operational procedures, programmes and practices are amended as appropriate

– Support completion equipment qualification process(equipment reviews, yard trials,stack-up tests,etc)by providing detailed reports of any activities witnessed/conducted

– Participate in pre operational HAZOPs related to lower completion equipment and the interfacesActively participate in Company’s pre-job meetings

– Support all completion, intervention and work-over programmes and associated amendmentsSLB Lead for pre-completion meetings (CWOPs), post completion wash-up/continuous improvement sessions onshore and offshore.

– Overview of design / manufacturing QA/QC issues

– Interface with Company upper completions engineer to ensure delivery of completions that will deliver maximum well/project value.

– Pro-active work to recommend improvements (design, operational, logistical etc.). Actively import lessons from other Company operations.           


Technical Skills:

– API Standard understanding and application knowledge

– Packers, Isolation Valves, Screen, Gravel Packs Service tools engineering knowledge

– Gravel Pack Operations Knowledge

– Project Management skills

Soft Skills:

– Working under pressure

– Managing people and expectations        

Focuses efforts and priorities work to deliver business value. Willingly takes the lead when challenges occur. Actively engages and respects the diverse contributions of team or network. Considers the merits of differing positions or opposing viewpoints. Actively promoting Company’s Safety program.      

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.