Bos Shelf is Looking for a Dimensional Control Lead


Position: Dimensional Control Lead

Job Description:

Prime Responsibilities and Duties:

Manage Dimensional Control Department with regard to all aspects of ongoing Construction Projects.

Work with Project Management, Construction, Engineering and QC Departments to attain specified Dimensional tolerances within planned time schedules.

Arrange the provision of all Dimensional Control activities, support and documentation including :-

  • Ongoing and intermediate reports for Construction and Engineering
  • Final reporting for inclusion in QC packages and Client approval.

Execute activities within own area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements.

Tasks include:

  • Management of the Dimensional Control Department
  • Liaison with Project Management, Construction, Engineering and Quality Departments regarding Dimensional Control.
  • Prepare and adhere to Dimensional Control Procedures based on Client requirements and relevant specifications.
  • Ensure regular calibration of all survey and associated equipment is carried out.
  • Identify suitable survey methods and practices for all Dimensional Control tasks. Advise and guide survey personnel in their implementation.
  • Work with Construction personnel to ensure fabrication meets the required dimensional tolerances.
  • Arrange surveys at all stages including Vendor Supplied Items, Yard Civil Engineering, Setting-out, Monitoring, Fit-up, Post-weld, Roll-up, As-built, FAT and Load-out conditions where applicable / when requested.
  • Review survey results for out of tolerance conditions against approved Engineering drawings and specified tolerances, recommending re-work where applicable.
  • Ensure adequate records and reporting levels are maintained.
  • Liaise with and support Engineering Department providing ongoing and As-built dimensional information for technical review.


  • Experience in Dimensional Control and good knowledge of the equipment being used.
  • Competent in gathering data from the equipment and adding to final reports / drawings
  • Familiar with all associated oil & gas standards and specifications (on-shore & off-shore scope)
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience supported by a relevant experience, working as a Senior Dimensional controller in the oil & gas industry

Please send your CV to [email protected]by indicating the position title (Dimensional Control Lead) in the subject line of your email.