Petkim becomes leader in chemical industry


The Petkim petrochemical complex, one of the assets of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in Turkey, has been elected the leader of the chemical sector in the Turkishtime magazine’s AR-GE 250 survey, Report says, referring to SOCAR.

Petkim is a leading company in terms of investment in the application of new technologies in production.

According to the information, AR-GE 250 is developed based on companies’ investments in research and improvement: “Petkim will continue to prioritize quality products in its future development.”

Petkim Holding was established on April 3, 1965. At the end of the privatization process completed in 2008, the main shareholder of Petkim was the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan. SOCAR has a 51% stake in Petkim Holding, and the remaining shares of Petkim are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.