SOCAR Downstream is Looking for a Investment Evaluation Lead Engineer


Job Title:Investment Evaluation Lead Engineer


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Minimum of 7 years of working experience in the crude oil refining or petrochemical industry.
  • Experience in evaluation studies of investment opportunities.
  • Experience in scoping/conducting and facilitating pre-feasibility/concept studies for investment and revamp projects in refining and chemical industries.
  • Having strong decision-making, problem-solving skills, and leadership qualities.
  • Ability to effectively work and communicate at all levels.
  • Good level in both written and verbal English.

Job Description

  • Provide support in conducting evaluation studies to assess investment opportunities above a certain threshold arising in the organization. Where applicable, improve selected opportunities in terms of project economics.
  • Provide support in prioritizing investment opportunities in accordance with their attractiveness investigated during the evaluation studies.
  • Provide support in generating recommendations to appropriate levels on gate and capital approvals.
  • Provide support in the generating pre-feasibility studies for potential investment opportunities based on data made available by others and/or created internally.
  • When applicable, review and provide advice on operational aspects of SOCAR operating facilities in Azerbaijan.
  • Assist in the identification process of potential partners and business models for every opportunity and then provide support in reporting overall progress for management approval on implementation.
  • Provide support in the management process of JV creation, drafting of Cooperation Agreements and collecting and consolidating technical business requirements.
  • Support the coordination and management of work with third-party suppliers, e.g. Lenders Technical Consultants, market data providers etc.
  • Support the coordination and alignment with projects/activities of SOCAR’s technical groups.
  • Keep looking for potential business opportunities and remain informed about the following:
    • The current state of the business in terms of SWOT analysis
    • The current state of the overall industry and growth projections
    • Competitor developments
    • Primary sources of sales and revenues of current business and dependencies
    • New and unexplored market opportunities
    • New domains, products, sectors eligible for business expansion, which may complement the existing business
    • The cost areas and the possible options of cost-savings
  • Seek feedback and implement continuous improvements on the evaluation methodologies.
  • Foster knowledge sharing and disseminate evaluation findings and lessons to increase awareness.
  • Contribute to the intellectual capital of the department.

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to[email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.