Repairs on dry cargo vessel “Maestro Niyazi” have been completed


The repair works on “Maestro Niyazi” dry cargo vessel of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

Main and auxiliary engines of the vessel, pumps and air compressors were completely overhauled. Pipe installation work has also been completed. In addition, pipelining, electrical installation, automation works, and welding of the hull were carried out. During the repair of the “Maestro Niyazi” vessel, the underwater and surface parts of the vessel, cargo compartments, covers, anchor chains and anchors were completely cleaned with abrasive sand and painted.

After the repair, the vessel successfully passed water trials and was put into operation.

Also the living and service premises of the vessel have been renovated and furnished upon modern standards.

The length of the vessel with a deadweight of 5,500 tons is 140.33 meters, width – 16.5 meters.