Cargo transportation via Azerbaijan side of TRACECA drops 23%


In January-September this year, the volume of load transported on the Azerbaijani part of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transport corridor was 29,865,600 tons, and the cargo turnover was 6,973,300 ton-km (8,897,300 thousand tons or 22.9% less than 2019), Report says.

According to the State Statistics Committee, freight turnover decreased by 1,282,500 ton-km or 15.5% over the past year.

During the reporting period, 16,621,700 thousand tons (55.7%) were transported by road, 9,532,700 tons (31.9%) by rail, 3,711,200 tons (12.4%) by sea.

Transit cargo accounted for 20.4% or 6,095,300 tons, which is 115,600 tons (1.93%) more than a year earlier.