In Klaipeda port, work is underway to collect oil products that pollute the water area


The collection of oil products that have polluted the water area is being carried out on Saturday in the Klaipeda State Seaport of Lithuania in the Baltic. This was  announced on the air of the national radio  LRT by the representative of the Klaipeda Marine Inspection Donatas Bagočius.

“Booms that absorb pollution have been installed in the port water area, and oil products are being collected,” he said. The slick is 5 km long and 20 m wide. “These are light oil products. The pollution was noticed on time, the situation is under control, ”the inspection representative said. Measures are being taken to prevent oil products from entering the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon, where the port is located.

The department, according to Bagochyus, is investigating the circumstances of the incident. Most likely, the pollution got into the bay from some of the ships.