SSS: Armenian side continues its activity to create distrust in the military success of the Azerbaijani Army


During the combat operations on the Armenian-Azerbaijani contact line, our citizens demonstrate high fighting spirit and vigilance, the State Security Service of Azerbaijan told APA.

At the same time, Armenians and other foreign citizens acting under the direct dictation of the Armenian special services create tension among the Azerbaijani population, direct public opinion, create ethnic confrontation in society, combat operations of our Armed Forces, tactical movements, logistics measures, public military operations. and social media and media profiles, accounts, messengers, SMS and e-mail services, voice messages, disinformation texts, and fake photo and video materials to increase access to information on attitudes to mobilization and other issues.

The Armenian side has been consistently working to create distrust in the military success of the Azerbaijani Army, trying to establish contacts with the people of Azerbaijan, to conduct targeted surveys among them with some tempting and payment proposals.

In connection with the above, we call on our citizens not to follow the provocations of the enemy, to inform the State Security Service about the intelligence-provocative appeals addressed to them through WhatsApp and Telegram (+994774059999).