Tecnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Material Control & Warehouse Manager


Work Position: Material  Control  & Warehouse Manager

Job Description

Material Manager reports to Site Manager. He/ She´s responsible for ensuring the activities co-ordination concerning to the reception, maintenance & storage and delivery of materials/equipment received at Site. Material Manager will give support to local purchase team.

  • To be responsible for compliance with the Construction Quality Plan of the project referring to the material management at site. He/She will prepare/ collaborate both in the „Site Material Handling‟ and „Site Material Traceability‟ procedures for the Project.
  • To provide all suitable safety devices and protection elements for the equipment, tools and property managed by TR.
  • To inform the Site Manager of any anomaly that might occur in  the Warehouse and material stocks, especially when their absence could result on a slowdown work progress in critical situations. Report to site Manager and Planning staff when the stocks might advise the non-continuity and achievement of the construction programs.
  • To prepare the following documents for the corresponding personnel at Site and Home Office:
    • State of Orders Report / Deliveries to site
    • Material Reception Reports (MRR)
    • Excess Material Inventory
    • Stock of materials (available in the warehouse)
    • Material Issue Report for delivery to Subcontractors.
  • To include into the Assembly Subcontractor report the forecasted materials state, (authorized by Project Engineering and Site Management), pending to its arrival.
  • To maintain (and distribute) a chronological file including:
    • Dates of issue and filing including all material orders for the Item concerned.
    • Warehouse weekly status progress report.
  • Shall be informed in advance of the forecast material arrival, Purchase Orders (PO) situation and material needs, in collaboration with the Planning Department.
  • Check and be informed if the material account, purchase orders and scope of work are acceptable as regard quantities. Also, He/She shall detect and inform to the Site Manager about shortages, material damaged and surpluses, notifying it to the Insurance Companies through Traffic expediting.
  • To ensure that, once the site purchasing process has begun, Project Engineering issues the corresponding requisitions.
  • To check if delivery time expected for the purchase orders are fulfilled. If doesn`t, He/She shall report the deviations and how could affect in progress planned.
  • To guarantee that the corresponding Rules, concerning Safety Health Regulations, and Environment Storage and Lay Down area are being implemented.


– More than 7 years of experience in a similar role;

– More than 5 years of experience in refineries;

– Bachelor degree;

– Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and Azerbaijani;

– The ability to use computerized technology;

– Analytical mind with excellent problem-solving abilities;

– Strong management experience of large multi discipline sites;

– Knowledge of Smart Plant Materials computer application;

– The experience and ability to perform and handle all duties in Job Description.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 27.09.2020 with subject line: Material  Control  & Warehouse Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.