International Company is Looking for a AZE Technical Services Manager


Position: AZE Technical Services Manager     

Minimum 5-7 years related field experience.  At least 4 years in equivalent or level down role.

Degree qualified: Degree qualified /relevant experience

Technical Service Manager provides technical support to the Technical / Engineering / Operations / Sales Department by planning, designing and evaluating M-I SWACO services, to ensure continuous improvement.

Overseeing and assisting with all Overburden and Reservoir Drill-in Fluids technical activities for Shah Deniz and ACG fields

Service quality, planning and safety are key priorities

Provides qualified technical sales support to Sales for marketing and sales activities, and to Operations for technical support as required.

Manages the team to ensure the highest levels of technical integrity and sales support skills

To fulfill this position, it is required that the person has experience with different drilling and completion techniques and has been assigned to a technical position for at least 3 years. 

Previous experience on:

-Providing solutions to technical challenging problems from Drilling the reservoir to Completion

-Writing Technical Reports based on laboratory testing and providing expertise from worldwide operations.

-Developing and maintaining contact with customer’s drilling / technical departments

– Leading implementation of new technologies on current and future operations

-Providing support for 3D Displacements. Integrated package of displacement services using chemical, mechanical and hydraulics components for each well.

– Developing plan for laboratory testing required with regional lab in Baku, to design and evaluate performance of different reservoir drill-in fluids, fluid loss control pills, filter cake breakers, among others, depending on requirements from operation.

– Responsible for the overall performance of Regional Laboratory for AZERI M-I.

– Ensures verifiable quality assurance tests and reporting on company products, provides expert technical support with additive selection and the design of drilling fluids, equipment and processes in the laboratory.

– Maintains links with the client Support Labs and/or Operating districts, Product Centers and InTouch.


– Leads a complex, non-routine technical service support project from start to finish, including final report and submission to the customer and a copy to InTouch.

– Leads root cause investigation into fluid failures, wellbore instability issues, screen plugging failures, production issues, other SQ and NPT events.  QUEST report.   

– Provides technical input to Drilling Group multi-segment / cross segment initiatives. 

– Understand thoroughly relevant technical work and demonstrates technical understanding of the segment.

– Recognizes needs/opportunities and manages own technical contribution by understands projects from different technical approaches.

– Establish client contact and complete understanding of his needs.

– Technical data collection and final recommendation after the introduction of New Technology with the main focus on continuous improvement of operations.

– Displacement design by using proprietary software – Virtual Completion Solutions, Optibridge, Virtual hydaulics, One Trax, Well Builder, Runner.

– Present final technical results and written technical reports to client.

– Comply with all Company & Regulatory HS&E & Quality and IT standards and policies. Wears all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required & maintains required HS&E & SQ certifications up-to-date

– Provides product recommendations and technical presentations of the product to the clients.

– Troubleshoots product performance

1.- Performs:

– Additive selection and design of drilling and completion fluids.

– Knowledge management queries utilizing InTouch.

– Pre-test and pre-job tasks as needed in preparation for providing analytical support to actual operations.

– Feasibility, development and implementation of procedural and process improvement plans within the location laboratory and fluid testing domain.

– Local and regional studies relative to laboratory testing, additives and fluids for drilling and completion operations.

– Manages the standard quality control testing of fluids and additives to verify fluid design.

– Development and training or personnel under supervision.

-High Technical and Analytical Background, record of excellence throughout her career.

-Decision making and ability to communicate with customers, co-workers and peers alike.

-Problem Solving.

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.