18 more Kazakhstan citizens sent to their homeland from Azerbaijan


18 citizens of Kazakhstan, 9 citizens of Azerbaijan who remained in Azerbaijan due to the closure of borders due to the threat of the spread of the COVID19 pandemic were sent to Kazakhstan today, Baku Port told APA-Economics.

As always, the citizens were sent by the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company’s “Mercury 1” ferry. All passengers were tested for the COVID-19 pandemic prior to their departure in the Port of Baku and all test results were negative.

It should be noted that as of May 13, new rules are being applied regarding passing the state border of Kazakhstan during the quarantine restrictions. Based on the new rules, Port of Kuryk resumed receiving the citizens of Kazakhstan and foreigners with a permit to reside in the country. Within the last 5 months, 228 citizens of Kazakhstan and 142 foreign country citizens have been sent home from the Port of Baku.