Azerbaijan repatriates 30 citizens from Kazakhstan


Azerbaijan repatriated 30 more citizens stranded in Kazakhstan due to the closer of the state borders because of COVID-19, local media reported with reference to the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Aktau on July 30.

Passengers were transported to Azerbaijan via “Professur Gul” ferry of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

All passengers tested negative for COVID-19 before departure.

It should be noted that earlier, 77 citizens were repatriated to Azerbaijan from the Aktau port through the Consulate General.

The Consulate General is continuing the process of registering citizens waiting to be repatriated to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has so far repatriated over 25,000 citizens from different countries over COVID-19 pandemic. The citizens have been repatriated from Moscow, Istanbul, Kyiv, Minsk, Iran, Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Riga (Latvia), Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany) among others.

Azerbaijan first introduced special quarantine regime on March 24 and the fourth stage of quarantine regime easing came into force May 31. However, the borders remain closed.