The US intends to open for development a significant part of the oil reserve in Alaska


According to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is planned to introduce 73 thousand square meters of land into the economy. The United States plans to permit the extraction of 82% of the area of ​​the Alaska oil reserve mothballed in 1923, while the initial plans drawn up last year suggested that for the economic Development will be transferred to approximately 50% of its territory. This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the US Interior Ministry.According to the documents published by the ministry, it is planned to introduce 73 thousand square meters of land into the economic turnover. 

This is about 80% of the oil reserve in Alaska with a total area of ​​about 93 thousand square kilometers, closed for development in 1923 in order to preserve its own future oil reserves in the United States. The previous proposal by the US Department of the Interior, prepared last fall, allowed the introduction of only about 44 thousand square kilometers. The volume of oil reserves in this territory is estimated at approximately 8.7 billion barrels.The opening of the oil reserve for development is carried out in the framework of the plans of US President Donald Trump to ensure the country’s leading position in the oil markets. “President Trump has promised to expand access to our existing oil potential. Today, we are making a significant step in fulfilling this promise, ”the statement said US Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt.