During Quarantine, Our Yachtsmen Participated in an Online Simulation Game


During the quarantine, announced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, yachtsmen also faced certain difficulties. However, neither the virus nor the quarantine mode can be threatening at a time of the rapid development of technology.

In order not to get bored at home, not to lose but improve sailing skills, yachtsmen of the Khazar Sailing Yacht Sports Club of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO) and the Denizchi club owned by CMS Properties joined interactive online simulation game on the e-regata.com website.

The race began on April 27 and lasted three days.

Ten participants joined the game. According to the results of all three competitions, Mikhail Protasov, instructor and methodologist of the Khazar Sailing Yacht Sports Club, took the first place. Club members Nikita Protasov and Ulya Akhmedova were second and third respectively. Winners received awards.

The observer and commentator of the game was Tatyana Srebnaya, director of the Khazar Sailing Yacht Sports Club. Tatyana Srebnaya controlled the tactics of the participants and their ability to follow the game.

The interactive game “e-regata” is a real-time competition simulator. Everyone, regardless of experience, can take part in this game. To do this, it is necessary to download the “e-regata” application on a smartphone or a computer with the installed Windows operating system and register.

The game is held in accordance with the rules of international sailing and is based on the laws of hydro- and aerodynamics, physics of sailing yachts, as well as the direction of the wind. The knowledge and experience gained in the game can be applied in real life.