Terminal construction suspended in Georgian port


The Tbilisi City Court upheld the lawsuit of Our Batumi movement, which is protesting against the construction of a fertilizer terminal in the Batumi port, Report informs via the First Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting.

More precisely, the protest is against the construction of a fertilizer terminal for granular urea transportation, which provides for the creation of a new logistics transport corridor through Georgia from Azerbaijan and Asian countries to Europe, Sputnik Georgia earlier reported.

The new terminal was expected to increase cargo turnover by 200,000 tons at Batumi port. Various social movements have repeatedly opposed the construction.

The court ordered the Georgian Environment and Agriculture Ministry to prepare and submit a report on the environmental impact of the construction and operation of the terminal, and also invalidated the document, based on which the works began in Batumi. Activists claim the court decision could be the final warrant to stop construction.

“This decision confirms that the protest against the construction of the chemical terminal was legitimate and provides the ground for further struggle,” lawyer Zaal Lukhutashvili said at a program on the First Channel.

The US corporation Trammo, Inc. has invested $20 million in the project.