Safety Day was held at ASCO


Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) held a Safety Day dedicated to the results of 2019 and IV quarter.  The event was organized with the participation of management representatives, as well as captains and mechanics of all ships.

Alekber Azizli, Head of the Department of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), made an extensive presentation at the event. He spoke about the incidents recorded in world shipping for the previous year, and named the main causes of their occurrence.

Main shortcomings in provision of safety, including fire and environmental safety were presented. Also, reports on recurring shortcomings per departments were made. The participants exchanged their views on results of internal and external audit conducted in ASCO and its fleets, as well as regarding changes introduced in the “Quality Security Management System” (QSMS) during IV quarter of last year. The state of HQSE provision in the fleets and departments and the statistics of medical examinations for the IV quarter of 2019 were also considered.

Extensive information about the trainings on safety held at the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC, as well as their significance was provided during the event. It was noted that due to educational activities, a decrease in the number of incidents was observed.

Along with measures taken in 2019, participants also discussed targets set for 2020.

Staff members of various ASCO structures who followed all safety requirements during IV quarter of 2019 received special gifts.